From start to finish – proces of creating an animation

Video explainer – is it worth it?

Video explainers are getting more and more popular across all industries. Average user spends most of the time watching video about product or service than actually reading about it. The studies says that 1,8bln words have equal value to one minute animation. Where does it come from? Watching video about product or service gives us more sense of it’s abilities where we can visually see and even more correspond with the emotions which good video can give us. This is the type of animation which engages the viewer and gives clear picture and knowledge about specific subject and it can be powerful marketing tool. That’s why motion design has become one of the most leading ways to increase business promotion over past few years.

Answering the question – yeah! I think it’s worth it.

Explainer Video - ilustracja

Take me on this journey – how it’s done?

The key part is that you show us and tell us everything what we need to know about your product or service so you feel safe that everything is in good hands! Ok, time to put on headphones and get lost in our motion work. The whole magic is behind few simple steps:

  1. References – before we start working on our project, we tend to gather different references to see what style of illustration and motion will fit into a project.
  2. Voice over and script – this is the key. Voice over has to be engaging and speaks for itself without any visual representation as well as it needs to be short and easy to understand. Script helps us to describe the overall idea of each scene based on voice over text.
  3. Storyboard – visual representation of the script. Basically this is rough sketch of the idea behind the script. Based on this we’ll show you how single scene can look like, describe idea and it will help us get the idea of the whole motion that we’re about to create.
  4. Illustration – When we go through the storyboard, we hop into the world of simple shapes, lines, dots, colors and artboards. This is a place where whole projects begins to take its shape. Crucial thing is to pay attention to details which will fulfill the story with a nice touch. With that said, we send styleframes to client based on storyboard. Working this way – when we get approvals to every step on our way to final product.
  5. Motion Design – Now we are getting to our favorite part – making pixels move, swing and dance. Here we bring everything to life.
  6. Sound – We’re working with actors and lectors on recording final voice over. The other part is also very important – audio track including music and sound effects. It gives this extra touch to the viewer which will give more impact and emotion to the overall message. Everyone loves to tap foot to great music, right?

At the end of this journey we are about to send final animation! That would be it as for the whole magic. It’s not so complicated but end results are fascinating. Motion design is a place where we meet with a client needs and then work on the shape of nice, easy to understand, playful animation which spreads the message around the globe.