xModerator – Video Explainer

xModerator was quite challenging project but one of our favourite kind! We received all information needed to understand client’s business but in terms of design we had lots of space for creativity and our own ideas. Each step of the process went really smooth and client was happy with the end result. Everything you see in this video explainer is our production, starting from the script and ending up with the sound effects. We still see some room to make it even better but free time is a rare commodity in our team 🙂

Satisfied client and pleasurable work is what we like the most!

Client: xModerator
Project Manager: Elwira Karolewska
Illustration: Krzysztof Kuśmierek
Motion Design: Krzysztof Kuśmierek
Sound: Piotr Kuśmierek, Krzysztof Kuśmierek
VO: Jarosław Łukomski